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>Wash an apple, Wash an apple

7 Jul

>Wash an apple, Wash an apple………….Nursery rhyme

The nursery rhyme teaches about ,what are the steps before eating any fruit. It develops attraction for fruits and develops interest to eat fruit.

Wash an apple,Wash an apple, Wash an apple Just now,
Peel an apple,Peel an apple,Peel an apple Just now;
Cut an apple,Cut an apple, Cut an apple Just now,
Eat an apple, Eat an apple, Eat an apple Just now.

Repeat with Banana, Chiku, Pear or any other fruit which needs to be peeled.


>Hathi Raja Bahut Bade

7 Jul

>Nursery Rhyme in Hindi on Elephants |Hathi Raja……..Hindi Nursery rhyme

Hindi Nursery Rhymeon Elephants.हाथी राजा ………Hindi Nursery rhyme tells about the big elephant ,which attracts every child. Children enjoy seeing the elephant, its long trunk ,huge size .

हाथी राजा बहुत बड़े ,
सूंड उठा कर कहा चले ,
मेरे घर में आओ ना ,
हलवा पुडी खाओ ना,
आओ बैठो कुर्सी पर ,
कुर्सी बोली चटर पटर |

>Elly The Elephant

7 Jul

>Elly! The Elephant………..Nursery rhyme| Nursery rhyme on Elephants

Nursery rhyme, Elly the elephant………….. is a rhyme which tells about the big elephant. How children enjoy seeing an elephant and taking a ride on the elephant. English Nursery rhyme on Elephants.

Elly! The Elephant,
Goes this way and that ,
She’s so very big,
She’s so very fat,
She sways her trunk,
From side to side,
She takes us for a jolly ride.

>Donkey! Donkey rhyme

7 Jul

>Donkey! Donkey!………..rhyme. This nursery rhyme is about donkeys.

Donkey! Donkey! What do you do?
Carry loads for all of you,
Donkey, Donkey what do you eat?
Oh! Grass and leaves and carrots so sweet,
Donkey, donkey I love you,
Oh! Thank you boy, I love you too.

>Ten Little Fingers Nursery rhyme

7 Jul

>Ten Little Fingers…………Nursery rhyme

Nursery rhyme Ten Little Fingers ………..describes the complete Human body, teaches the number of each body part to the child, in a rhymic way.
Good Night rhyme.

Ten Little Fingers,
Ten Little Toes,
Two Little Ears,
And One Little Nose,
Two Little Eyes that shines so bright,
And One Little Mouth,
To Kiss Mother ‘Good Night’.

>Puff a Train ,Puff a Train Nursery Rhyme

7 Jul

>Puff a Train ,Puff a Train….Nursery Rhyme

Rhyme on train.

Nursery rhyme, Puff aTrain, puff a train…… is a rhyme on trains how Children Enjoy seeing the toy train moving on the track.

Puff a Train , Puff a Train,
Noisy Little puff a train,
If you are going to the sea,
Puff a train, Oh! please take me,
Puff- puff- puff,
Ssh- ssh- ssh, Puff -Puff- puff,
Ssh-ssh-ssh, Ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh!

>Bubbles Bubbles Here and There

7 Jul

>Bubbles Bubbles…………………….Nursery Rhyme

Bubbles Bubbles………..rhyme is a very exciting rhyme for the little children as the little bubbles of soap is a wonder for children , which floats in the air and then vanishes.

Bubbles Bubbles , here and there,
What do you do up in the air?
Taking fairies from place to place,
Then disappearing without a trace.