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>Wash,Wash,Wash Your Hands Rhyme for Cleanliness

6 Jul

>Wash,Wash,Wash Your Hands…………Nursery Rhyme| Rhyme for Cleanliness

Nursery Rhyme to teach Cleanliness to the little ones. Wash,wash,wash your hands…………… Nursery rhyme.
Nursery rhyme to keep hands clean.

Wash, Wash, Wash your hands,
Play our handy game,
Rub ,Scrub, Scrub and Rub,
Germs go down the drain.


>I am a Flower Play School Rhyme Nursery Rhyme Pre School Rhymes

6 Jul

>I am a Flower …..Play School Rhyme Nursery Rhyme Pre School Rhymes

Flower nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme on flowers, Pre school rhymcinges, play school rhymes

I am a little flower…..rhyme. Introducing interest into children for flowers, watering the plants.

I am a Little Flower, Mom put me out,
If you take care of me, I will sprout,
When you water me ,I will grow,
Into a pretty Flower, don’t you know?